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Refund policy

Book Refund Policy

If your book arrives damaged, or we have sent you the wrong book by mistake, you can return it to us stating clearly what the problem is and if you would like a replacement copy or a refund. Please mark the package "Orders Returns”. We will refund the cost of returning the book to us provided there was an error on our part. If you simply decide you do not want the book anymore we will not be in a position to offer a refund.

Cooling off period

By law, customers in the European Union also have the right to withdraw from the purchase of an item within seven working days of the day after the date the item is delivered.

To cancel your purchase within the seven-working-day cooling-off period please package the relevant item(s) securely and send it to us so that we receive it within seven working days of the day after the date that the item was delivered to you.

If you have any questions in this regard you can contact us at publications@epa.ie