Air Quality Monitoring at Kiltrough, Co. Meath

The air quality index for Kiltrough, Co. Meath is calculated on an hourly basis under the Large Towns AQIH Region. The Air Quality Map  shows you if air quality is good, fair, poor or very poor in your region.

You can find out if air quality is likely to affect your health and what you can do to protect your health on the Air Quality Index for Health page.

Air monitoring is not currently carried out at Kiltrough.

Historical air monitoring information

Air monitoring was previously carried out at Kiltrough, three miles south of Drogheda town centre. A cement factory and motorway are located one to two miles to the west of the site. Measurements at the site ceased in July 2006. It was replaced with the Drogheda North monitoring station.

Historical air monitoring data can be downloaded here Kiltrough.