1. I wish to have access to EDEN and the applications within EDEN, as either an Administrator or a User. How do I gain access to use either EDEN or its modules?

You can follow the process below to Grant Personnel access to a Licence on EDEN.

  1. Access EDEN help  
  2. Once  you have access you can use the help section

Firstly, you must Register as a User.  Select register from the left navigation bar.  You will be presented with the option to Search and Select from Existing Companies.  You will be presented with one or more options, depending on whether one or more companies are registered against the name search.  Select the relevant company, and the Company Information will be presented for you.  If you are happy that this is the correct selection, click on next to proceed to next step.

You will be presented with User Registration page, and you will be required to fill out the following details:

Login Details:   This will require your email address and is a mandatory field.  You will use this email address for login to the systems in future.

User Information:  Complete this section as required, completing mandatory fields.

Address Information:  Complete this section as required with details of facility and work area.

Select Modules:  You will have the option to select which Modules within EDEN you require access to here, and you should click add on each module you need access to.

You should then accept the Terms and Conditions and click on OK.

This completes the registration process and an email confirming your registration will be sent to your email address. 

The next step is when the Organisation Administrator processes the Membership request.  You will receive an email confirming that you have been approved or rejected as a user.

2. I am the Organisation Administrator. How do I approve User request for access to EDEN or its Modules?

Select Manage Users on the left navigation page.  This presents the Administrator with the option of Process Membership Requests.  The Administrator is presented with the list of user module and has the option to approve or reject the application.

Once users have been approved, the Administrator can see a list of the users who currently belong to this organisation. You can modify roles, view module access and revoke membership using the options provided.

3. Is there a limit of user/administrators who can access the system?

The number of users per organisation has no practical limit; however, there is an administrative overhead on your organisation in terms of managing your user base.  We suggest that access is limited to those individuals who are actively involved in communicating with the EPA.

4. What do I do if no licences are visible against my organisation or if I get a message which says "You have not yet been approved access for any modules"?

"Once a request from a user for access to EDEN and AM has been granted, the user can log in to EDEN and launch the AM Module.  However, one more step is required to give access to the relevant licence.  The application administrator must launch the AM Module and click on the 'manage my users' button.  This button in only available to application administrators and allows them to assign a user to a specific licence.  Once this step is complete the user can then access the licence details and carry out actions such as submitting a report to the EPA, viewing EPA reports, etc... Most organisations only have a single licence; however some organisations may have multiple licences, and in this case you may want to restrict access to the AM Module for some users to a single licence (e.g. the site on which they work)."

5. How do I update my organisation details?

(a) Where the organisational details displayed in EDEN require update or are incorrect, the licensee should use the "Make a Licence Return"  tab under the "My Actions" module and select "site updates/notifications" and either "Contacts", "Infrastructure" or "Other" and enter the details of the change in the text box.

(b)     The number and scope of "Manage my Licence" users in EDEN can be managed by the licensee as an "Administrator" in EDEN.  See more information in the help section.

6. Will the EPA update details where a Company's name is changed, licence transferred, or there are new owners, etc.?

Where organisational details displayed in EDEN require an update or are incorrect, the licensee should use the "Make a license return" module and select "Site Updates/Notifications" and either "Contacts", "Infrastructure" or "Other" and enter the details of the change in the text box.

7. Who within my organisation receives notification of new EPA correspondence in EDEN and how do I amend/update this information?

The nominated primary/secondary/tertiary contacts for your licenced site will receive the notifications. Other EDEN users (if they are not primary/secondary/tertiary contact) will not receive the notifications even though they can use the portal to submit information to the EPA. It is the responsibility of the primary/secondary/tertiary contact to disseminate information to relevant people in their organization.

N.B. The EPA retains control over the person within your organisation who is notified of new documents being sent to your licence on LMA. This is independent of being granted access to AM.  For example, if the EPA sends a request for information in relation to a monitoring return which you submitted, an e-mail notification will be sent to a list of contacts which is maintained by the EPA.  At present the EPA has (in most cases) only a single nominee for each organisation, known as the OEE primary contact.  If you wish to add additional people (secondary/tertiary contacts) to be notified of new content on EDEN or if you wish to change the contact details of the nominated personnel then you will have to submit a licensee return via EDEN.  When making a licensee return to change the contacts you should select the type of return as ‘Site Updates/Notifications’ and the sub-type as ‘Contacts’.  You can find further details in our guidance document on granting access to users. 




8. What are the file types for EDEN?

The following are the list of allowed file types for EDEN:


'pdf', 'png', 'jpeg', 'jpg', 'gif', 'tif', 'tiff', 'docx', 'doc', 'xls', 'xlsx', 'avi', 'mkv', 'mp4'

9. What is the maximum limit on file sizes for upload via EDEN?

There is a maximum limit on file sizes for upload which is set to 10MB per file.

10. How can file sizes be reduced for uploading to EDEN?

Adobe Acrobat (full version) can save pdf files as reduced file size pdf's.  The EPA uses Adobe Reader 10 only, and making the file compatible with this will reduce the file size.

There are also pdf compression tools that can be purchased online.  These are useful for reducing the sizes of images within pdf documents.  You should search 'pdf compression tools' for suggestions.

If there are embedded images in word or other documents, reducing the size of the image before converting to a pdf document will also result in smaller files size.  Often the resolution of images are much greater than they need to be and reducing the resolution of images in the first instance, will reduce the size of the resulting pdf document.


11. Is the EDEN technology compatible with mobile technology such as iphone, ipad, blackberry, etc.?

EDEN is an online service and as such, it is usable through most web browsers.  It has been specifically designed to work on the following platforms:

PC's using Internet Explorer

Recommended: Internet Explorer 8 or higher

Not supported: Internet Explorer 7 or lower

PC's using Mozilla Firefox

Recommended: Firefox 3.6 or higher

PC's using Google Chrome

Recommended: Google Chrome 11 or higher

12. Will EDEN remove the need for letter and faxes?


13. What is the EPA's position on information held on EDEN?

Certain enforcement documents are now made available via the EPA website, see guidance  Online Publication of Keystone Enforcement Documents.  The EPA will also make licence compliance information/correspondence available to members of the public at EPA Offices.

14. Is there a naming convention for documents?

Licence registration number and document type: - e.g. P0004-02 Request for approval.

Please do not us the following common invalid characters: # % & * : < > ? /  { | }

15. When can I expect a response to my Licensee Return (e.g. Request for Approval)?

The use of EDEN will mean that documents will get to the EPA more quickly and the response from the EPA will be received by the licensee more quickly, which will result in some time saving by not using the postal system.  The normal response time depends on the complexity of the matter being dealt with, but we endeavour to respond to all queries within 1 month of receipt. EDEN also allows you to check the status of your documents returns, and you can check whether the status is ‘new’ (not yet opened by the EPA), ‘open’ (under review by the EPA) or ‘closed’ (decision made by the EPA is also displayed for closed documents).

16. When should I expect correspondence from the EPA and who gets notified?

There are only 6 occasions that you should expect correspondence from the EPA

1. When the EPA issue Site Inspection, Audit or Monitoring Reports via EDEN an email alert is sent to the nominated site contacts (see FAQ 7 above).

2. When a complaint is sent on to the licensee via EDEN an email alert is sent to the nominated site contacts. Typically the complaint will be sent on as part of a request for information (rfi) and you will be required to respond to this rfi by the due date.

3. When the EPA send you an rfi in relation to a Licensee Return that you have submitted (e.g. a request for approval or a monitoring report). When the rfi is issued via EDEN an email alert is sent to the nominated site contacts and you will be required to respond to this rfi by the due date.

4. When an Action or an Instruction is issued by the EPA in relation to an on-going Compliance Investigation. In these circumstances an email alert is sent to the nominated site contacts and you will be required to respond to the action by the due date. In relation to Instructions you are required to carry out the instruction and to keep a record on its completion. You are not required to reply to the EPA in relation to an Instruction.

5. When the EPA request further information in relation to an Incident Notification previously logged with the EPA an email issues to the nominated site contact requesting that you update the original incident notification record (see FAQ 23)

6. When an instance of Non-Compliance with the requirements of your licence is logged by the EPA a record of this Non-Compliance will appear in EDEN under the Non-Compliance button on the licence page in LMA. An email alert will issue to the nominated site contacts.


17. Why don't notifications of all EPA correspondence via EDEN appear in the "My Notifications"section?

Only correspondence from the EPA which requires the licensee to carry out a specific task and respond to the EPA will normally be listed in the ‘My Notifications’ list. Where something is sent to the licensee for information only (e.g. an EPA analytical report or a site inspection report) then it will not appear in my notifications. In most circumstances you will not be required to respond to the EPA directly in relation to an EPA report (if there is an issue to be addressed then typically a compliance investigation will be raised by the EPA and you would respond to this compliance investigation rather than the EPA report itself). You should always carefully review EPA reports to identify where a response may be required.  EPA reports (as mentioned above) and Non-Compliances that have been raised against your licence will be visible on the licence page in EDEN under the “EPA Reports” and “Non Compliance” buttons. You should primarily use the licence page in EDEN to manage the compliance with your licence, with the "My Notifications" page acting as a summary of your outstanding tasks.

18. How can I respond to an EPA Report (Audit/Site Inspection/ Monitoring Report)?

 In general you will not be required to respond to the EPA directly in relation to an EPA report, if there is an issue to be addressed then typically a compliance investigation will be raised by the EPA and you would respond to this compliance investigation rather than the EPA report itself.  Where you want to reply directly to the findings of an EPA report, please go to “Make Licensee Return” on the Licence page in EDEN. From type of return select “Site Update Notification” and from sub-type select “Other”. In the heading of the return please reference the EPA report number the reply is in relation to. The reply can be typed in the text box and/or a document can be uploaded against the return. Please note that all Compliance Investigation (CI) actions must be replied to directly via the “Manage CI” section of the licence page. Where a CI action has been created by the EPA following a site visit/audit it is not sufficient to address the action in the reply to the EPA report.


19. Is it necessary to telephone the EPA in addition to submitting the Incident Notification on EDEN?

The requirement for the telephone call will remain.  In effect, the Incident Notification Web form in EDEN will replace the fax.

20. Can I search/filter by date/year?

Currently filtering and reporting functionality is limited in "Manage my Licence" on the EDEN portal.  The EPA will look at this in future development work.

21. How do I update an existing incident notification (an incident that I have already logged on AM on EDEN)?

It is important that updates to previously logged incident notifications are done by going back to the original incident notification record and not by creating a new incident record. To do this you should navigate to “Manage Incidents” on Licence page in AM, select the incident record that you want to update and click on “Edit Incident” icon. You will then be presented with a web form to amend or add details to the incident notification. If the particular piece of information that you want to update is not available to on the web form, please use the notes section to enter the details of the update. Files can also be uploaded as part of the incident update.

22. How do I reply to a CI action?

Actions must be replied to by navigating to the action in AM on EDEN. This can be done by going to the “Manage my Compliance Investigations” tab on the licence page in AM, opening the CI and clicking on the Action. Alternatively you can go directly to the Action in the “My Notifications” tab on AM. Replies to Actions will not be accepted as Licensee Returns.

23. How do I reply to a Request for Information (RFI)?

RFIs must be replied to by navigating to the original Licensee Return or Complaint record in AM on EDEN. This can be done by going to the “Manage my Licensee Returns” or “Manage Complaints” tab on the licence page in AM opening the relevant record and clicking on the RFI. Alternatively you can go directly to the RFI in the “My Notifications” tab on AM. Replies to RFIs will not be accepted as Licensee Returns.

24. I want to submit a quarterly monitoring report. Do I have to break it down into separate Licensee Returns by emission receptor (emissions to air, water sewer)?

Yes, monitoring reports need to be broken out into their constituent sections and submitted individually as Licensee Returns. A summary of each set of results reported should be given as part of the return. Failure to do this will result in the Returns being rejected by the EPA.

25. How do I report complaints through EDEN?

Most licenses don't require reporting to the EPA of each complaint received directly at the facility, but instead require a summary of complaints to be included as part of general licence reporting (e.g. quarterly or annual reports (AER).  So for this reason there is no facility for you to directly report a complaint through the Manage Complaints button in EDEN.

If your licence specifically requires you to report these complaints or if your inspector has told you to do this, you can send complaints in under "Make a Licnesee Return" button, Return Type "Site Update/Notification", Subtype "other".  You may need to check with your inspector to clarify the requirement.