My Modules

The Organisation Administrator will manage access to the various Modules available.  Users will request access to these Modules, in a similiar way to how they access user rights to AM.

Other Applications which your organisation may have access to at this time are PCB's and WEEE.  These applications will be visible to the administrator if applicable.

To View list of modules that I can access,  the following steps should be taken:

Select Manage modules

All modules that you currently have access to will be displayed with the option to revoke access.

Pending:  All module access requests must be processed by the administrator.  Until processed, a status of pending will appear next to the module.

Rejected:  If an administator rejects your module request, then a status of rejected will appear next to the module, together with the reason.  Modules you have requested access to will be displayed with the option to request access next to them.

To Request access to a module, the following steps should be taken:

Select Manage modules > Request access

Select the Request access option displayed next to the application that you want access to.  Your request will be issued to the application administrator in the organisation.  An email will be issued to the user with details of the action taken.

To Remove my access to an application, the following steps should be taken:

Select My Modules > Revoke access

If you no longer need access to a module, you can select revoke access to have your access terminated.  You will no longer received email notifications regarding application events relating to this application.