Registration and the Administrator Role

EDEN Registration.

Your facility has been pre-registered on the EDEN system and you will receive user access details just in advance of the launch of the new web-based application, on January 21, 2013.  Please ensure that your details are correct when you enter the system and if there are any problems or errors, please contact the support team at  A Summary Document -"Instructions to IPPC and Waste Licensees for Granting Personnel Access to a Licence on EDEN has been prepared, in addition to the details on this page.


Organisation Administrator Role and EDEN Administrator Role

You are currently the Organisation Administrator and the EDEN Administrator for your facility.  As an organisation administrator, you are responsible for assigning roles to users of the applications, and as EDEN Administrator, approving and assigning Applications to Users.

Manage Users:

You are responsible for verifying the information supplied in any membership (user) request.   

Select Manage Users to view a list of registered EDEN users in your organisation. 

In order to approve a request from a user for membership, the following steps should be taken:

Select Manage Users > Process membership request

  • To approve the request, click approve
  • To reject the request, click reject and provide the reason for this decision

The administrator can assign one of the following roles as appropriate to the request. 

Application Administrator - This user will be able to approve membership requests from other users in the same organisation.

Application User - This user will have no administrative responsibility for the application within the context of EDEN.

An email will be issued to the user with details of the action and decision taken.

Manage Modules:

All users of EDEN will require access to various Modules in order to carry out their work.  You need to determine which modules you require through the Manage modules section, for your particular tasks.

The EDEN Administrator is responsible for managing access to modules. 

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