EPA prosecutes Liffey Meats (Cavan) Limited & Director

On 17 June 2004 the Environmental Protection Agency prosecuted Liffey Meats Limited at Ballyjamesduff District Court.  The Company pleaded guilty to:
• Discharging effluent to waters outside set licence limits.

• Not providing an impenetrable surface area nor constructing bunding for storing tank and drums.

• Not notifying the EPA of a breakdown of monitoring equipment.

• Failing to submit an Annual Environmental Report.

The company’s Director pleaded guilty to a charge regarding the failure by the company to comply with licence limits for emissions to water.

In pleading guilty to four of eight charges, the court directed the company to make a payment of €1,000 to Cavan Hospice whilst awarding costs totalling €11,689 to the EPA.  In relation to the Director, the court noted the conviction but gave the benefit of the Probation Act.