EPA prosecutes Oxigen Environmental

On 9 December 2004 the Environmental Protection Agency prosecuted Oxigen Environmental Limited at Dublin Metropolitan District Court. The Company pleaded guilty to:

• Sending waste off site to facilities without the EPA’s consent.

• Accepting more waste than the permitted amount.

• Failing to manage the site by not providing impermeable hardstanding throughout the facility.

• Not carrying out necessary improvements to the Waste Transfer Building.

• Improper waste management practices at the facility.

• Failing to maintain a written record of all waste loads being accepted at the facility.

In giving his judgement, Judge Haughton acknowledged that while the company had agreed to plead guilty to the offences, these included serious offences, which were essentially for profit.  He imposed fines of €1,000 each on the charges relating to the use of unapproved facilities and exceedance of the licensed annual tonnage for the facility, and fines of €500 on each of the remaining four charges.  The Agency’s costs of €5,225 were also awarded.