EPA prosecutes Castlemahon Food Products

On 20 December 2004 the Environmental Protection Agency prosecuted Castlemahon Food Products at Listowel District Court.  The Company pleaded guilty to:

1. Their operations causing odour nuisance to neighbouring residents;
2. Increasing the risk of creating further odour nuisance by
    (i) Storing offal in uncovered skips in an open yard prior to processing instead of inside the storage building;  
    (ii) And in not repairing a damaged door on the rendering intake area.
3. Exposing local groundwater to potential pollution when they failed to protect tank and drum storage areas from leakage.
4. Failing to install equipment to
    (i) Control and monitor emissions, which meant that they didn’t take samples or report to the EPA on some of their emissions. 
    (ii) Warn of potential spillages from their wastewater treatment plant.

After hearing evidence from two OEE inspectors, the Court imposed fines totalling €3,600 and the EPA’s costs of €8,925 were also awarded.