EPA prosecutes Donegal Meat Processors

On 10 January 2005 the Environmental Protection Agency prosecuted Donegal Meat Processors Limited at Letterkenny District Court.  The Company pleaded guilty to:

o Not notifying the EPA of a breakdown of their monitoring equipment
o Failing to ensure that monitoring equipment was operating at all times;
o Failing to submit monthly monitoring reports of process effluent;
o Giving false and misleading information by intentionally submitting inaccurate monitoring reports to the OEE.

o Failure to manage waste in a manner required by the licence, increasing the potential for pollution to ground by:
• The disposal of waste to an unauthorised location;
• Failing to maintain an organic waste register;
• Failing to carry out the testing of bunds;
• Failing to ensure that provision was made for the collection and proper disposal of leachate run-off generated by wastes stored on open ground;
• Failing to submit a report to the EPA on the assessment and inspection of all on-site and off-site waste storage facilities;
• Failing to ensure that all landspreading activities were undertaken in accordance with a nutrient management plan so as to ensure environmentally sound application of organic waste to ground.

After hearing evidence from an OEE inspector, Judge O’Donnell imposed fines totalling €5,200 and the EPA’s costs of €14,110 were also awarded.