EPA prosecutes Monaghan County Council

On 17 October 2005 the Environmental Protection Agency prosecuted Monaghan County Council at Castleblayney District Court.  The Council pleaded guilty to:

• Failing to install an active landfill gas collection and flaring system.
• Inadequate management of leachate from the landfill.
• The unauthorised transfer of waste to facilities not approved by the EPA.
• Inadequate management of litter and birds around the facility.
• Failing to ensure that vehicles delivering waste to the facility were appropriately covered.
• Failing to ensure that the activities were carried out in a manner that did not result in significant impairment or interference with the local environment beyond the facility boundary. 

On hearing details of the offences from an EPA inspector, Judge Flan O’Brien imposed fines totalling €1,600 and the EPA’s costs of €7,142 were also awarded.