EPA prosecutes Kilbride Piggeries Limited

On 19 January 2006 the Environmental Protection Agency prosecuted Kilbride Piggeries Limited at Virginia District Court.  The Company pleaded guilty to:

• Failing to place animal tissue and carcasses in covered leak proof container.
• Disposing of waste on-site in an unacceptable manner.
• Failing to ensure that a person in charge was available on site to meet with EPA Inspectors.
• Failing to provide and maintain a rainwater collection and drainage system for all pig housing on-site.
• Failing to maintain training records for all personnel and written procedures controlling operations affecting the licence, available for inspection.
• Failing to submit an Annual Environmental Report for 2004.
• Failing to have an agreement in place with the EPA on the assessment of under and over ground effluent storage tanks pipelines and liquid feed storage tanks.

On hearing details of the offences from an EPA inspector, Judge Anderson imposed fines totalling €14,000 for the Company’s breaches of conditions of its IPC licence. The EPA’s costs of €5,280 were also awarded.