EPA prosecutes Galmoy Mines Limited

On 21 of January 2008 the Environmental Protection Agency prosecuted Galmoy Mines Limited at Thurles District Court.  The Company pleaded guilty to:

  • Carrying out unauthorised disposal of certain waste materials underground;
  • Failing to maintain a freeboard of one metre at the top of an operational Cell in the Tailings Management Facility which resulted in an over spill of the cell. A Tailings Management Facility is a large lined structure typically constructed above existing ground level, used to contain metal laden slurry waste arising from mining activity. The slurry is required to be contained to one metre below the top of the Cell.
  • Storing potentially polluting substances in an unbunded area.

On hearing details of the offences from an EPA Inspector, Judge Coughlan imposed fines of  €7,500 and EPA costs of €10,000 were also awarded.