EPA prosecutes Greyhound Recycling and Recovery Limited

On 25 January 2011 the Environmental Protection Agency prosecuted Greyhound Recycling and Recovery Limited at Dublin Metropolitan District Court.  The Company pleaded guilty to:

1. Failing to ensure that the activities at the facility were carried out in a manner such that emissions did not result in significant impairment of or significant interference with amenities and the environment beyond the facility boundary.

2. (i)  Failing to ensure that all putrescible waste was removed from the facility within forty-eight
hours of its arrival on site (or seventy two hours in the case of a public holiday);
(ii) Failing to maintain fast-action doors on the entry/exit points of Waste Recovery Building 2 and failing to maintain the integrity and negative pressure throughout the said building and ensure that all doors be kept closed where possible to prevent significant escape of odours or dust;
(iii) Failing to clean the floors of the Waste Recovery Building 2 on a weekly basis;
(iv) Storing waste outdoors without the prior agreement of the Agency;
(v) Storing waste other than in designated areas, protected as may be appropriate, against spillage and leachate run off;
(vi) Failing to ensure that Waste Recovery Building 1 was only used for the reception, processing and storage of clean, uncontaminated, source segregated, dry recyclable waste; and
(vii) Failing to wash down and clean the storage bunkers for putrescible wastes in Waste Recovery Building 2 on a weekly basis.

On hearing details of the offences Judge Reilly imposed fines of €3,000 and EPA costs of €4,963 were also awarded.