EPA prosecutes Oxigen Environmental Limited

On  5 October 2011 the Environmental Protection Agency prosecuted Oxigen Environmental Limited at Dublin Metropolitan District Court The Company pleaded guilty to:-

1. (i) Failing to ensure that the activities were carried out in a manner such that emissions, including odours, did not result in significant impairment of and/or significant interference with amenities or the environment beyond the facility boundary;
(ii) Failing to clean the floor of the waste processing building and clear it of all waste at the end of the working day;
(iii) Failing to store all waste for disposal stored at the facility in suitably covered and enclosed containers within the waste processing buildings.
2. Accepting a quantity of waste at the waste processing building which was in excess of the permitted daily intake tonnage.
3. Carrying out waste processing outside the waste transfer building.

Judge Halpin adjourned the case twice to enable the Company to take steps to address the odour issue before sentencing.

On 24 April 2012 Judge O’Neill imposed fines of €4,000 and awarded Agency costs of €8,000.