EPA prosecutes CG Power Systems Ireland Limited

On 26 January 2012 the Environmental Protection Agency prosecuted CG Power Systems Ireland Limited at Cavan District Court.


The Company pleaded guilty to:


(i) Permitting or causing emissions to waters from the installation which were not specified emissions and which were of environmental significance;

(ii) Failing to notify the Agency as soon as practicable after the occurrence of emissions within that period which did not comply with the requirements of its Licence;

(iii) Failing to provide sampling, analyses and measurements in accordance with the requirements of Schedule C of its Licence due to the fact that temperature monitoring records were not maintained correctly during the period from 21st March 2011 to 5th April 2011.


On hearing details of the offence Judge McBride imposed a fine of €500 on the first charge and took the other two charges into account.  The Agency’s costs of €3,000 were also awarded.