EPA prosecutes Behans Land Restoration Limited

On 7 January 2013 the Environmental Protection Agency prosecuted Behans Land Restoration Limited at Naas District Court.  The Company pleaded guilty to:

  • Failing to record and maintain records on site of all dust and waste monitoring required to be carried out;
  • Failing to ensure that the waste inspection area and waste quarantine area were clearly identified and segregated from each other;
  • Failing to provide and maintain an impermeable concrete surface at the waste inspection and quarantine area;
  • Failing to provide and maintain a weighbridge at the facility;
  • Failing to submit to the Agency for its approval written procedures for the acceptance and handling of all waste;
  • Failing to prepare a fully detailed and costed plan for the closure, restoration and aftercare of the site as part of the first Annual Environmental Report;
  • Failing to submit to the Agency for agreement, as part of the first Annual Environmental Report, a report on the Environmental Liabilities Risk Assessment;
  • Failing to make financial provision to the satisfaction of the Agency to cover any liabilities identified;
  • Failing to submit a proposal for the depth of groundwater monitoring boreholes to the Agency for approval;
  • Failing to provide as part of the Annual Environmental Report for 2011, an annual statement as to the financial provision in place in relation to the underwriting of costs for remedial actions.

Judge Zaidan convicted the Company and imposed a fine of €2,000.  He also awarded the Agency’s costs of €2,000.