EPA prosecutes Arrow Group Limited

On 8 March 2013 Judge Zaidan sentenced Arrow Group Limited, imposing the maximum available fines of €10,000.  He also awarded the Agency’s costs of €22,500.

The case was first before the Court on 3 September 2012 when the Company pleaded guilty to:

• Causing or permitting emissions, including odours, from the activities carried on at the site which resulted in an impairment of, or an interference with amenities of the environment beyond the installation boundary; and

• Failing to ensure that the Medium Fuel Oil bund was rendered impervious to the materials stored therein.

The Judge adjourned the matter for sentencing to allow the company to install odour abatement systems to address the problems on site.  The matter was listed on 5 November and 4 March to ensure that the work was progressing.

On 8 March the Agency confirmed to the Court that the ozone odour abatement technology was fully operational.