EPA prosecutes Oxigen Environmental

On 19 February 2014 the Environmental Protection Agency prosecuted Oxigen Environmental at Dundalk District Court.  The Company pleaded guilty to:

• Failing to ensure that the activities were carried out in a manner such that emissions did not result in significant impairment of or significant interference with the environment beyond the facility boundary;

• Failing to ensure that vermin, birds, flies, mud, dust, litter and odours did not give rise to nuisance at the facility or in the immediate area of the facility.

On hearing details of the offences, Judge Gibbons adjourned the matter to 3 April 2014 to allow the Company remedy the on-going issues that lead to continued odours, before the Court imposed sentence.

On 3 April 2014, following an update provided to the Court by the Agency, Judge Brennan convicted the Company and imposed a fine of €1,000.  Costs of €9,000 were also awarded.