EPA prosecutes Dublin Products Limited

On 6 November 2014 the Environmental Protection Agency prosecuted Dublin Products Limited at Carlow District Court. The Company pleaded guilty to:

• Failing on two occasions, namely 12 September 2013 and 22 October 2013, to ensure that odours from the activities carried on at the site did not result in an impairment of or an interference with amenities or the environment beyond the installation boundary or any other legitimate uses of the environment beyond the installation boundary.
• Failing to notify the Agency of an incident with the potential for environmental contamination of surface water or groundwater or posing an environment threat to air or land as soon as practicable after the occurrence thereof.
• Failing to fit high liquid level alarms on storage tanks or other treatment plant chambers from which spillage of environmentally significant materials might occur in such quantities as are likely to breach local or remote containment or separators.

Judge Eamon O’Brien convicted the Company for charge one for odours on 12 September and took the other charges into account. He imposed fines of €2,000. Agency costs of €6,643.60 were also awarded.