EPA Prosecutes Eye Spy CCTV Limited

On 30th of September 2015 the Environmental Protection Agency prosecuted Eye Spy CCTV Ltd. at a sitting of the Dublin Metropolitan District Court in the Four Courts, Dublin. 

Eye Spy CCTV Ltd. is a company based in Dublin. The company imports and/or distributes electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) such as CCTV cameras, IT equipment and accessories. Consequently the company has producer obligations under the WEEE Regulations. An inspection was carried out by EPA Inspectors at the company premises in March 2015. The company was found to be in breach of its producer obligations. A prosecution was taken against the company on 15 charges all related to breaches under the WEEE Regulations.

Mr Justice O’Neill convicted the accused, imposing a fine of €1,500 on each of the 15 charges  amounting to €22,500. Agency costs of €3,012.89 were also awarded.