Map and Search help

What can I find in the map and search?

The register contains details of emissions from some 350 industrial facilities engaged in one or more environmentally hazardous activities.You can filter this information and obtain data on activities based on the following search options:

  • Year (currently a choice of 2007-2012, with the latest year set as the default year)
  • River Basin District- RBD (select from a drop down list) or
  • County (select from a dropdown list)
  • Licence Number e.g. P0XXX (Enter in only the first 5 digits of the licence number, e.g. leave out the '-01' or '-02' etc. so that you don’t have to know which version of the licence is on the web-application)
  • Facility name
  • Sector (from a selection of 9 sectors in the drop down list)
  • Pollutant (from the drop down list)
  • Media-(from a selection of Air, Water, Wastewater (transfer))
  • Waste Type-(from a selection of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous)
  • Waste Transfer –(from a selection of the destination of the transfer i.e. Outside the country or Within the Country
  • Treatment operation-(from a selection of Disposal or Recoverery)

Using the Search

The Search function is set so that the most recent year is the default year, currently 2012. Any search done will be only searching the 2012 year results unless you specify an alternative year by using the dropdown list.

The River Basin District (RBD) and County search work slightly differently to the other search parameters, in that as soon as you select a RBD the map will automatically rescale to the extent of the RBD or the county. You cannot select a county and RBD together. The results of the search will also be limited to those facilities that are within the RBD/county boundary.

If you know the facility name or licence number you can type it into the relevant space provided. We recommend for the licence number that you leave out the licence version (the '-01', '-02' etc.) and only enter in the first 5 digits of the licence. Please also note that the spelling of the facility name must be correct otherwise no facilities will show in the results, however you do not need to spell the whole name, part of the name will work also.

The facilities can also be searched by sector, pollutant and by media by selecting them from the dropdown list. You can also search by waste transfer, using the waste type, waste transfer waste destination and treatment operation searches.You can search using a number of parameters together e.g. within the Shannon RBD you can search for CO2 in the energy sector. Please ensure that only the search parameters that you want included are selected, by clearing previous search options using the clear search symbol next to the search button.

Once you have selected the search parameters relevant to your query, click search Search symbol  . The corresponding facilities will show on the map as well as in a list underneath the search button.

You can zoom to any facility by clicking on the Zoom to Facility button zoom symbol prtr in the results list.If only one facility returns in the results, the map will automatically zoom to that facility.

Selected facilities (those that you have zoomed to) are highlighed with a yellow circle, Highlight symbol for PRTR map   .To see all the report for the facility, click on the report symbol for PRTR search .To clear a previous search (and the yellow circle) click on the clear search symbol next to the search button.

Using the Map

 There are no facilities visible on the map when the application opens first, as default. The map layers and map legend can be seen by clicking on the green "Layers/Legend" tab. IPC/IE and Waste Facilities, Urban Waste Water Treatment Plants and Quarries are the types of facilities that report to Europe for PRTR.

The IPC/IE facilities are divided by sector and then grouped together within an overall IPC/IE Facilities group. To expand the IPC/IE Facilities group, click on the arrow beside the group name 'IPC/IE Facilities'.

To turn on a layer, to make it visible on the map, tick the box beside the layer name. There are a number of map tools available for zooming in and out and panning around the map. Please see the Map Tools section below.To find out which facility is which, hover the cursor over the symbol on the map and a popup box with basic facility information will appear. If you've found the facility that you are interested in, double click on the symbol and the report will open which will provide more information on the emissions and waste data reported to Europe.

Map Tools

 Image showing various map tools and their uses

Using the Report

The report is divided into 2 parts. The top half provides basic information, location, PRTR sector, etc.

The bottom half provides information on all emissions reported to Europe for the year selected. The year will always default to the latest year. You will need to scroll down through this section to see all the information available.

Otherwise you can select the "Export Report" link. This will export all the data for the available years into a .csv file. The file can be opened in MS Excel or excel-equivalent software. Within the .csv file, expand all columns to their full width to see all the data clearly.

Glossary of terms

BRT- Below Reporting Threshold

LoW - List of waste (previously know as the European Waste Catalogue code EWC code) is a hierarchical list of waste descriptions established by Commission Decision of 18 December 2014, amending Decision 2000/532/EC on the list of waste pursuant to Directive 2008/98/EC of the European parliament and of the Council (2014/955/EEC) [referred to hereafter as ‘The List of Waste (LoW)’]

PRTR - Pollutant Releases and Transfer Register RBD- River Basin District

UWWTP - Urban Waste Water Treatment Plants