Distance Sellers

A distance seller is any person or organisation that sells Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) and/or batteries by means of electronic communication, voice telephony services including telesales and telemarketing or non-electronic direct marketing services including mail order. A distance seller, whether or not based in Ireland, supplying directly into Ireland will have producer obligations under the regulations, unless the company is sourcing EEE and batteries through a registered supply chain. Often, distance sellers will also be supplying EEE and/or batteries directly to a household end user, in which case they will have distributor obligations also.

As a producer, the main obligations are as follows:

  • Producers must register and renew registration with the Registration Body WEEE Register Society Limited.
  • Producers are obligated to declare the quantities of EEE that are placed on the market to the WEEE Blackbox.
  • Finance the environmentally sound management of WEEE by joining either one of the compliance schemes: WEEE Ireland or European Recycling Platform (ERP) Ireland or by self-compliance.
  • Ensure EEE placed on the market is in compliance with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Regulations, S.I. 341 of 2005, as amended.

As a distributor (retailer) operating by distance selling, the main obligations are as follows:

  • Operate free take-back of WEEE and waste batteries.
  • Nominate an address in Ireland, where WEEE/ batteries can be deposited, if no business premises exist in Ireland.
  • Register any premises in Ireland with the local authority or with either compliance scheme WEEE Ireland or ERP Ireland.
  • Display specific text relating to take-back of WEEE and/or spent batteries on your website, catalogue, etc.
  • Display any relevant visible Environmental Management Cost where the price of EEE is shown, where applicable. See current Category Listings at www.weeeregister.ie.

For more information on distance sellers and advertising guidelines go to the Guidance and Downloads section.     

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