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Appendix 1: EPA Publications 2007

The majority of EPA publications are available to download from the EPA website

All publications can also be purchased either on-line or from EPA Publications Sales at +353 1 2680100.


  • Air Quality in Ireland 2006. (Web-only)


  • EPA Annual Highlights 2006
  • EPA Annual Report and Accounts 2006
  • 2020Vision
  • EpaNews January 2007
  • EpaNews May 2007
  • EpaNews October 2007


  • National Waste Prevention Programme
  • Annual Report 2006
  • National Waste Report 2005.


  • The Quality of Drinking Water in Ireland
    - A Report for the year 2005
  • Dangerous Substance Regulations,
    National Implementation Report 2005
  • Water Quality in Ireland 2006 - Key Indicators of the Aquatic Environment
  • Urban Wastewater Discharges in Ireland
    - A Report for the Years 2004/2005
  • Quality of Bathing Water in Ireland
    - A Report for the year 2006

Guidance Notes

  • Code of Practice - Environmental Risk Assessment for Unregulated Waste Disposal Sites
  • Guidance Note for Noise in Relation to Scheduled Activities 2nd Edition (2006)
  • Air Emissions Monitoring Guidance Note #2

Environmental Research Reports

Climate Change

  • Climate Change - Development of Emission Factors for the Irish Cattle Herd. (Special Report)
  • Climate Change - Modelling Carbon Fluxes from Irish Peatlands: Towards the Development of a National Carbon Fluxes Inventory for Irish Peatlands. (Synthesis Report)
  • Climate Change - Estimation of Emissions of Greenhouse Gases from Agriculture and Strategies for their Reduction. (Synthesis Report)
  • An Overview of the RAINS Model
  • Implications of the EU Climate Protection Target for Ireland


Air Pollution - Nature and Origin of PM10 and Smaller Particulate Matter in Urban Air. (Final Report)


  • Evaluation of the Use of the Sodium Dominance Index as a Potential Measure of Acid Sensitivity.
    (Synthesis Report)
  • Water Framework Directive - Identification of Reference
    - Status for Irish Lake Typologies Using Palaeolimnological Methods and Techniques (IN-SIGHT).
    (Synthesis Report)
  • Water Framework Directive
  • A Reference Based Typology and Ecological Assessment System for Irish Lakes Preliminary Investigation. (Synthesis Report)
  • Eutrophication from Agricultural Sources - Effects of Agricultural Practices on Nitrate Leaching. (Synthesis Report)
  • Water Framework Directive - Reference Conditions and Eutrophication Impacts in Irish Rivers. (Synthesis Report)
  • Biological Approaches to Nutrient Removal in the Irish Food Sector. (Final Report)
  • Eutrophication from Agricultural Sources
  • The Impact of the Grazing Animal on Phosphorus Loss from Grazed Pasture
  • The WFD - Assessment, Participation and Restricted Areas: What are the Relationships? (Synthesis Report)
  • Eutrophication from Agricultural Sources
  • The Impact of the Grazing Animal on Phosphorus, Nitrogen, Potassium and Suspended Solids Loss from Grazed Pastures - Field Plot Study. (Final Report)
  • Investigation of the Relationship between Fish Stocks, Ecological Quality Ratings (Q-Values), Environmental Factors and Degree of Eutrophication. (Synthesis Report)
  • Eutrophication from Agricultural Sources
  • Pathways for Nutrient Loss with Emphasis on Phosphorus.
    (Synthesis Report)
  • Eutrophication from Agricultural Sources
  • Soil and Phosphorus: Catchment Studies. (Synthesis Report)


  • Biodiversity in Irish Plantation Forests
  • Towards a National Soil Database. (Synthesis Report)
  • Digital Soil Information System for Ireland. (Scoping Study)

Sustainable Use of Resources

  • The Use and Regulation of Environmental Claims as a Means of Promoting Sustainable Consumption in Ireland. (Final Report)
  • Introduction of Weight Based Charges for Domestic Solid Waste Disposal.
    (Final Report)
  • A Nationwide Review of Pay-By-Use Domestic Waste Collection Charges In Ireland: Extensive Survey Findings. (Interim Report)
  • CGPP Report - Development of a Cleaner Greener Production Programme for the Irish Hotel Industry - Greening Irish Hotels

Integration and Enforcement

  • Identification of Environmental Variables for Use in Monitoring the Evaluation of the Rural Environment Protection Scheme. (Synthesis Report)
  • Environmental Management in the Extractive Industry - Non-Scheduled Minerals. (Synthesis Report)
  • Environmental Technologies - Guidelines on How to Take a Pilot Project to Market. (Final Report)
  • Investigation into Why Existing Environmental Technologies are Underused. (Synthesis Report)
  • Guide to Commercialisation of Environmental R&D Outputs - A Manual for Researchers in Receipt of Environmental Research and Development Funding
  • Environmental Values, Attitudes and Behaviour in Ireland. (Synthesis Report)
  • Sustainable Tourism Development
  • Toward the Mitigation of Tourism Destination Impacts. (Synthesis Report)
  • STRIVE - An Environmental Protection Agency Programme 2007-2013