Each year, the EPA receives a significant number of complaints from the public about licensed facilities by various means – telephone, writing, email, web etc. Once a complaint against a licensed facility is received, it is recorded and directed to the licensee by the EPA for investigation. At this stage, the EPA may also decide that it requires further investigation and open a Compliance Investigation with a specific set of Actions or Instructions for the licensee to carry out. The EPA may separately carry out its own monitoring and additional enforcement work may be necessary. If the complaints continue and/or if the licensee has not carried out the works required to rectify the problem, the EPA may take legal action against the licensee.

There was a 24% decrease in complaints received by the EPA in 2019 compared with 2018 and this is in keeping with an overall reduction in complaints over recent years as illustrated below:

Complaints 2015 to 2019


  • During 2019 10% of all site visits carried out by the EPA in 2019 were in relation to complaints.
  • Odour complaints remain the main theme of complaints received, the main sectors to which the odour complaint refer over recent years has been the Food and Drink Sector, Waste Transfer Stations and Landfills. There has been a decrease in overall odour complaints and in relation to these three sectors as seen below.



Summary details on complaints received in relation to industrial and waste licensed sites are provided below. 

 2013-2019 odour 3 sectors

Details of how to make a complaint regarding an EPA licensed facility are provided on the EPA website.


Complaints received in 2019

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Most complained about licensed facilities in 2019

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Complaints received in 2018 and 2019

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