Non Compliances

The holder of an EPA Licence is obliged to comply with the full suite of conditions as set out in the Licence. EPA inspectors continually track and assess compliance with licence conditions, which are designed to allow the operator to conduct the licensed activity without causing risk of harm to human health or the environment. Any detected breach of the licence conditions is recorded by teh EPA as a non-compliance. The detection and recording of a non-compliance is often the first step in the escalation of enforcement action by the EPA. This may result in the opening of a Compliance Investigation or prosecution. The charts below provide data for non-compliances recorded during 2019.

A breach of emission limit values as prescribed in Industrial and Waste licenses continues to be the main issue accounting for 29% of all non-compliances recorded in 2019.A total of 1620 non-compliances were recorded against 362 individual licensed sites during 2019.The Food and Drink sector had the most non-compliances recorded at 337 followed by Non-Hazardous Waste transfer sites (271) and the Chemcial sector (193).Six sectors accounted for 78% of all non-compliances recored during 2019, these being:

Non-compliances in 2019

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Non Compliances for 2018 and 2019

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