Site Visits

The EPA visits industrial and waste licensed facilities to assess compliance and overall environmental performance. The visits can involve monitoring of emissions to air, water, or noise, odour assessments, and/or an assessment of compliance with licence conditions. The EPA issues a report for each visit and these site visit reports are made available on the EPA’s website ( The Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) sets out a minimum standard for visiting facilities. The period between two site visits must be based on an assessment of environmental risks, and must not exceed one year for high risk sites and three years for low risk sites. Summary information for Site Visits completed during 2019 are provided in the table and charts below.

Site Visits Summary 2019


Number of site inspections carried out in 2019


of all IE, IPPC and Waste sites were visited in 2019


of sites were visited more than once in 2019


of sites were visited 3 times or more in 2019


of all site visits during 2019 were unannounced









The number of site visits completed during 2019 are similar to previous years. The EPA continues to focus on the priority issues at licensed sites.

  • Additional off-site odour impact assessments were carried out during 15% of site inspections. 35% of the odour assessments were carried out at Food and Drink sites and 33% were carried out at Waste Transfer Stations. These odour assessments were focussing on sectors that are the source of half of all odour complaints received during 2019.
  • Water and/or effluent samples were taken for analysis on 34% of all site visits.
  • 10% of site visits were carried out in reaction to complaints that were received by the EPA.
  • 8% of visits were air monitoring visits when  emissions to air were sampled and analysed.  

Site Visits in 2019

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Sites visited by the EPA greater than 10 times in 2019

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