Review of Licences for Environmental Objectives Regulations

The EPA has examined IPPC and Waste licences in accordance with the

Upwards of 80 licences required full reviews. Information sessions regarding this particular review process were held on 19th May 2011 and relevant licensees were notified. The EPA sent official notification of the reviews to the relevant licensees between June 2011 and October 2011. There was no fee for the review.   The reviews must be completed by 22nd December 2012 according to Article 11 of the Surface Water regulations and Article 12 of the Groundwater Regulations.

Where there are discharges into designated freshwater pearl mussel sites, these licences must be reviewed by the earlier date of 22nd December 2011 according to Article 13 of European Communities Environmental Objectives (Freshwater Pearl Mussel) Regulations 2009, S.I. No. 296 of 2009.  The First Schedule of the regulations lists the 27 designated freshwater pearl mussel sites and shows a map of the catchments of the specified freshwater pearl mussel populations. The majority of these reviews have been completed.

Where there are discharges to groundwater and/or surface water and an amendment rather than a review to the licence is required to bring the licence into compliance with the groundwater and surface water regulations,  the EPA must amend  the licence by 22nd December 2012. 

This process is currently underway and the EPA will contact all relevant licensees over the coming months.  Some licensees were invited to attend an Information Session on 24th May 2012.  A copy of the presentation is available to view here. A further group of licensees were invited to attend an Information Session on 16th October 2012. A copy of the presentation is available to view here.

Where there are discharges to surface water and/or groundwater and a licence complies with the regulations, the EPA will issue a declaration to the licensee concerned by 22nd December 2012 that this is the case.

The EPA is in the process of examining Waste Water Discharge Licences issued prior to the introduction of the above mentioned environmental objectives regulations to determine whether, having regard to the requirements of the environmental objectives regulations, the licences require to be reviewed or technically amended.  If the licence does not require to be reviewed, the EPA shall declare in writing that this is the case. 

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Review Form  NOTE: This is Version 4 of the Review Form  (Particular attention should be paid to monitoring requirements).


Presentation to licensees at Information Session 19th May 2011.

Presentation to licensees at Information Session 16th October 2012.


Guidance on ambient and discharge monitoring requirements. 

Guidance on authorisation of discharges to groundwater


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