Grant Management

EPA’S Grant Management and Application Portal

The EPA's Grant Management and Application Portal is a web-based system that enables the online submission, evaluation and ongoing management of applications for research funding.

The portal should always be used for submitting:


  • Initial funding applications
  • Technical Progress Reports (TPRs)
  • Financial Reports (Cost Statements)
  • Budget Reallocation Requests
  • Time Extension Requests
  • Travel Approval Requests
  • End of Project Questionnaires (EPQs) and Metadata Forms
  • Final and Synthesis Reports
  • Event Feedback Forms
  • Maternity/Paternity/Adoptive Leave Requests


Guidance materials on using the portal are available on our desktop site.

You can access the EPA's Management System at

If you have a query about using the portal, or accessing certain documents please email 

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