Urban Waste Water

Urban waste water is domestic waste water (from residential settlements) or a mixture of domestic waste water with industrial waste water (from premises used for trade or industry) and/or run-off rain water.

The EPA is the environmental regulator responsible for the authorisation and enforcement of urban waste water discharges, in accordance with the Waste Water Discharge (Authorisation) Regulations, 2007 as amended. Irish Water is responsible for the collection, treatment and discharge of urban waste water in compliance with the requirements of EPA waste water discharge authorisations.

The EPA publishes annual reports on the quality of effluent discharged from urban waste water treatment works throughout the country.

The latest report 'Urban Waste Water Treatment in 2017' identifies the priority areas where resources must be targeted, to protect our environment from the harmful effects of waste water, and deliver environmental improvements where they are most needed.

Priorities to be resolved

  • 28 of our 179 large towns and cities where waste water treatment did not meet mandatory standards set to prevent pollution and protect public health.
  • 38 towns and villages where untreated waste water (raw sewage) flows into the environment every day.
  • 57 areas where waste water is the sole threat to rivers, estuaries, lakes and coastal waters at risk of pollution.
  • 3 urban areas where upgrade works are needed to protect beaches with poor quality bathing waters.
  • 15 towns and villages where improvements in waste water treatment are needed to protect critically endangered freshwater pearl mussels or to safeguard shellfish habitats.
  • 13 priority waste water collection networks (sewers) that need to be upgraded.

Ireland requires substantial and sustained investment in waste water treatment infrastructure to resolve these priorities.

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