Air Science Policy Forum

The Air Science Policy (ASP) event was a day of discussion, presentations and demonstration within four specific modules. These modules dealt with the current ambitions for cleaner air, the driving motivations for those ambitions, the associated trends and pressures in emissions and activities, and finally, the policy and implementation aspects.

Event Time: 9.30am - 5.30pm

Event Date: 15 April 2013

Location: Farmleigh House, Phoenix Park, Dublin

Presentations and position paper are now available:

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Air Science Policy Forum - Agenda

Air Science Policy Forum - information for delegates


In recognition of 2013, The Year of Air, and the launch of the major review of EU Air Policy later this year, Ireland, as part of its EU2013 Presidency programme hosted a one day Air-Science Policy forum. 

The Air Science Policy (ASP) forum was a day of presentations, demonstration and discussion, spread across four specific modules, and delivered by a panel of eminent cross-disciplinary speakers. The four modules addressed the current and future ambitions for cleaner air, the driving motivations and scientific understanding informing those ambitions, the associated trends in emissions, and pressures on public health and the environment, and finally, the policy and implementation considerations to successfully deliver clean air for all EU citizens. 

The ASP forum has been designed with a target audience of special advisers and policy makers in mind, in order to more directly support ex post action from participants. One of the principal objectives of the meeting was to provide for a well-informed and insightful policy debate at the Informal Environment Ministers’ Council, which took place the following week in Dublin on the 22nd of April. The aim was to raise awareness amongst policy makers and advisers (and ultimately EU environment and other ministers) of the continuing need to further develop and strengthen policies to improve air quality, based upon the most up to date scientific understanding of the issues. 

Despite successful interventions to address air pollution in previous decades, the delivery of clean air to protect human health and the environment remains a persistent challenge for EU policy makers that is highly relevant to a broader range of national and international policy agendas. These agendas include climate change and greenhouse gas emission control, transport, energy and agriculture policy, as well as general economic policy and the opportunities presented by the goal of a green economy and an increasingly sustainable Europe. The meeting offered a series of clear and non-technical presentations to guide the audience through the issues and the options, and allowed for extended interaction and networking amongst all participants.

The event was co-sponsored by the Department of Environment, Community & Local Government and the Irish Environmental Protection Agency.

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