Soils & Land Use Research Workshops

The EPA is organising two workshops on Soils & Land Use Research on Tuesday 10th September 2013 at the O’Callaghan Alexander Hotel (Dublin 2).

Download the Programme for these two workshops

Download the DRAFT Discussion Document for the EPA Soils & Land Use Research Planning Workshop (afternoon workshop)

Event Time: 9am - 12.30pm (ISIS Stakeholder Workshop: Addressing Soil Data Gaps) and 1.30pm-4.15pm (EPA Soils & Land Use Research Planning Workshop)

Event Date: 10 September 2013

Location: O'Callaghan Alexander Hotel (Dublin 2)


ISIS Stakeholder Workshop: Addressing Soil Data Gaps

The overall objective of the ISIS Research Project is to produce a harmonized soil map of Ireland at a scale of 1:250,000 with an associated web-based soil information system in the public domain. The Soil Information System could be further enhanced by building in soils attributes maps into it. Examples include: soil carbon, soil drainage, soil depth, pH, etc. A prototype of the Soil information System will be presented and the various soil attributes will be discussed at this morning workshop.

This workshop is aimed at soil data users.

Please ensure that you complete the Soil Data Needs Survey before the end of August 2013, to ensure that your requirements for soils data are included in the discussion (Go to the Soil Data Needs Survey).

EPA Soils & Land Use Research Planning Workshop

Time: 1.30pm-4.15pm

The EPA is organising this workshop to discuss the Soils & Land Use Research Priorities for 2014-2020 & inform the foundations and directions of the new EPA Research Programme 2014-2020. It is proposed to cover & discuss the following: Soils & Land Use Challenges in Ireland; Research Priorities in Soils & Land Use for 2014-2020 and EPA funding mechanisms. It is your chance to have your say on what Soils & Land Use research will be funded in the coming years.

This workshop is aimed at researchers & research-users in the Soils & Land Use area.


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This event is free of charge but places are limited. You must register to attend this event. Registration will close on 31/08/2013.

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