Pumping Station overflow resulted in fish kills in the Twopothouse and Curraheen Rivers in Cork.

Date released: Aug 19 2016

On the 29th July 2016, the EPA received notification from Irish Water of the overflow discharge of untreated sewage from the Curraheen Estate Pump Station to the Twopothouse River in Bishopstown, Cork.  The incident occurred between 27th July and 29th July and was caused by ragging which blocked the two pumps and non-return valves in the pumping station. The EPA visited the site on 29th of July to observe the repair works to the pumping station.

On the 30th July the EPA was informed that a fish kill had occurred on the Twopothouse River- a tributary of the Curraheen River.  The EPA again visited the site on the 30th July to confirm the fish kill.  Inland Fisheries Ireland have estimated that 600 fish were killed in the Twopothouse and Curraheen Rivers downstream of the discharge form the Curraheen Estate Pumping Station. 

The EPA will require a full investigation and assessment report in relation to this incident, which will address corrective and preventative actions to be taken. On foot of this information, further action will be considered by the EPA in line with our enforcement policy.