Incident at Dublin Waste to Energy Ltd, Poolbeg

Date released: Jun 13 2017

Incident update, 10 July, Dublin Waste to Energy Ltd, Poolbeg
The EPA has concluded its investigation of both the incident involving the release of lime, and a number of other incidents which resulted in breaches of the licence conditions during the first week of operation (1st to 7th June 2017).  On foot of its assessment of the incidents, the EPA has initiated legal proceedings against the company.
Dublin Waste to Energy Ltd has made a number of process modifications and improvements to the plant since the incident of 7th June 2017 and is now in a position to restart operations.  The plant will start-up on diesel and waste burning will commence thereafter. 
The EPA is satisfied that there was no impact on public health or the environment resulting from the incidents. 
The EPA will continue to closely monitor the operation of the facility to ensure it operates in compliance with the licence

Incident update, 13 June 2017, Dublin Waste to Energy Ltd. Poolbeg

Waste incineration and waste acceptance remains suspended at the Dublin Waste to Energy facility. 
As part of its investigation the EPA again visited the facility on 08 June 2017 and continues to liaise with both the licensee and the Health & Safety Authority in relation to the incident. 
Dublin Waste to Energy has been advised that waste incineration may not resume at the facility until agreed by the EPA.

Incident 8 June 2017, Dublin Waste to Energy Ltd. Poolbeg

The EPA is investigating an incident which occurred last night at Dublin Waste to Energy Ltd, Poolbeg (Licence Reg. No W0232-01).  The EPA was notified that lime from the flue gas treatment system was released locally within the building resulting in a number of staff on site requiring medical attention.  The lime release was contained in the building and there was no loss of lime to the environment. The EPA is satisfied that there was no danger to the public or local community from this release.

Waste feed to the incinerator has stopped and waste incineration has been suspended.  An EPA inspector is on site today and the EPA is also liaising with the Health & Safety Authority (HSA). 

The EPA will require a full report from the licensee in relation to this incident, which will address corrective and preventative actions to be taken. On foot of this report, and the EPA’s own investigation, further action may be considered by the EPA.