New EPA Director Appointed by Government

Date released: May 12 2016

M Lehane The EPA is pleased to announce the appointment, by Government, of Dr Micheál Lehane as a Director of the Environmental Protection Agency. Laura Burke, Director General of the EPA, today welcomed the appointment, which is a full-time executive appointment with a term of office of five years.

Dr Micheál Lehane has more than 23 years experience working with environmental regulatory bodies in both the UK and Ireland. He joined the EPA in 1995 in the environmental management and planning area. He worked subsequently in the environmental assessment and reporting area and served as Programme Manager in the Office of Communications & Corporate Governance; the Office of Environmental Assessment and most recently the Office of Radiological Protection. 

Micheál holds a BSc, and a PhD from University College Cork and an MBA from the University of Limerick

Note to Editors:

Director of the EPA is a full time position, based at the EPA’s headquarters in Wexford, with a five year term of office.

Appointment of Director of the EPA by Government follows from a recommendation made by an independent selection committee convened in accordance with the EPA Act, 1992.  The independent selection committee conducts a public recruitment competition to select candidates suitable for recommendations to Government.