RPII warn companies using radioactive substances to comply with regulations

Date released: Feb 26 2008

Company convicted for unlawful possession of a radioactive substance

The Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland (RPII) has welcomed the decision of the District Court in Trim, to convict Trimproof Ltd, Trim, Co Meath for the unlicensed custody of an instrument containing a radioactive substance on the 25th April and the 16th November 2007. Judge Brophy fined Trimproof Ltd a total of €2,538 and ordered the Company to pay legal costs of €726.

Trimproof Ltd held a licence from the RPII for a number of instruments containing radioactive substances but failed to renew the licence prior to its expiry date in March 2007. The RPII is responsible for regulating the use of ionising radiation by licensees in the medical, dental, veterinary, educational and industrial sectors. Ionising radiation is used in these sectors for diagnostic, therapeutic, research and development, quality control and production processes. There are currently over 1600 licences in place to facilitate the safe use of radioactive substances and X-ray systems.

Commenting on the prosecution, Dr. Ann McGarry, Chief Executive of the RPII, said: “Businesses have a responsibility to ensure that a licence is in place at all times for the custody and use of radioactive substances and X-ray systems. Businesses that ignore the law will be prosecuted by the RPII.