Completing and Uploading the PRTR Workbook

Year Title
2017 Updates for reporting 2016 PRTR data
Updates for PRTR reporting
2014 Waste transfers reporting in PRTR: worked examples
Worked examples of waste transfer reporting PRTR
2015 Recent updates to PRTR workbook
Changes to PRTR workbook
2013 WWDL PRTR Reporting Updates for 2012
WWDL PRTR Reporting Updates for 2012
2013 How to report waste that is treated on-site (IPPC and Quarries) under PRTR
on-site treatment of waste
2012 EPA Guidance Note No.4: Annual Environmental Report Annex on AER / PRTR Reporting
Guidance on the completion of the AER/PRTR
2015 AER/PRTR Guidance Document No.5: AER/PRTR Electronic Reporting Workbook and Website User Manual Version 2.1 Jan 2015
Step-by-step guide to completing and uploading the PRTR workbook and PDF AER Version 2.1 Jan 2015
2009 Enabling Macros in Excel 2007
How to enable Macros in Excel 2007
2009 Enable Macros in Excel 2002 & 2003
How to enable Macros in Excel 2002 & 2003
2006 AER/PRTR Guidance Document No.8: Guidance Document for the implementation of the European PRTR
Introductory guide to the European PRTR (E-PRTR)