Policy: Monitoring of Stack Emissions at EPA Licensed Sites

Summary: This document outlines the specified minimum criteria on monitoring from 1 January 2014

Published: 2012



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In order to ensure the generation of consistent high quality and robust stationary source emissions monitoring data from EPA licensed sites, the EPA has specified minimum acceptable criteria on this monitoring from January 1 2014 as follows:  

  • Contracted Monitoring: From January 1 2014, the EPA requires that where periodic (i.e. not continuous emissions monitoring) monitoring of stack gas is carried out at EPA licensed (IPPC and Waste) sites, the work is completed by an ISO17025 accredited organisation (to include the relevant pollutants within the scope of accreditation).   
  • Monitoring by In-House Teams: Where monitoring work is carried out by in-house teams, the team/organisation is not required to hold ISO17025 accreditation, but must meet criteria specified by the Agency in order to be permitted to continue carrying out the monitoring work as required by the IPPC/waste licence, and may be subject to audits to assess the adequacy of the monitoring.