Guidance Note On Energy Efficiency Auditing

Summary: The purpose of this guidance note is to provide assistance to Integrated Pollution Control (IPC) licensees to conduct consistent and effective energy audits at industrial sites.

Published: 2003

ISBN: 1-84095-123-0

Pages: 29

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Executive Summary

Auditors should assess energy performance in the context of site activity and develop appropriate energy performance indicators for the entire site and/or individual energy systems.

These indicators provide a means to quantify energy costs and consumption against important parameters, including production.

The parameters upon which useful indicators may be based can vary greatly from site to site. They could include number of ‘widgets’ produced, tonnes/litres of product produced, reactor-hours of processing, production man-hours, site occupancy or degree days.There are a number of publications that allow a company to develop energy performance indicators and to compare themselves to companies from a similar industrial sector.

Once appropriate performance indicators have been developed for a site, they can be tracked over time to give a useful overview of energy consumption patterns.