Guidelines For Local Authorities When Preparing Reports On Water Quality Standards To Comply With Phosphorus Regulations

Summary: This document sets out a general framework for local authorities and guidance on what reports on water quality standards for phosphorus regulations should contain. The purpose is to facilitate a consistent approach to implementation of the regulations and to reporting.

Published: 1999


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Executive Summary

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends an approach based on the basic principle of continual improvement, which it states at the heart of the regulations and the overall strategy to combat eutrophication.

Each local authority is required to submit an implementation report to the EPA in line with Article 4(3) of the Regulations. This report should detail the progress in implementing the Regulations in each local authority area.

 It is not sufficient to simply submit a report from a Catchment Management & Monitoring Scheme or other similar report. It is imperative that each local authority clearly states the status of water quality in their area, the measures they will implement to protect/improve the water quality and the progress made.

It is also important that each local authority should provide information on problems they may have encountered in implementation of the Regulations and highlight successes. In particular, local authorities should discuss the relative success of measures applied.