IRSS mission report final

Summary: At the request of the Government of Ireland, the IAEA convened an international team of senior safety experts to conduct an Integrated Regulatory Review Service (IRRS) mission. The purpose of the peer review was to review the Republic of Ireland’s regulatory framework for radiation safety.

Published: 2016


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Executive Summary

The IRRS review team identified a number of good practices and made recommendations and suggestions that indicate where improvements are necessary or desirable to continue enhancing the effectiveness of regulatory functions in line with the IAEA Safety Standards.

The IRRS review team made the following general observations:

  • EPA is an effective and independent regulatory body;
  • Ireland actively participates in the global safety regime;
  • EPA benefits from experienced, technically competent and well-motivated staff.

An important observation of the IRRS review team is that Ireland needs to implement an effective and independent legal and regulatory framework for the regulation of patient protection. The Government should ensure effective coordination between the different authorities in regulating patient protection. Also the radioactive waste management policy that has been approved by the Government should be fully implemented.