Draft National Air Quality Monitoring Programme

Summary: The focus of this document is on the future measurement of air pollutants. Other important related issues, such as overall assessment, air quality modelling, research and public information systems will be subjects for supplementary publications and are therefore not treated in detail.

Published: 2000


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Executive summary

Under Section 65 of the Environmental Protection Agency Act, 1992, the Agency shall, after consultation with such persons or bodies as may be prescribed, prepare and implement programmes for monitoring the quality of the environment.

Such programmes must specify the nature, extent and purpose of monitoring, the persons or bodies which will carry out the monitoring, the resources required and the arrangements for the dissemination and publication of results. This document sets out the basic framework for the measurement air quality in Ireland over the coming years and provides the basis for continued development and expansion of monitoring and assessment for a variety of purposes

Air quality monitoring in Ireland is undertaken largely to implement EC Directives on smoke and sulphur dioxide (SO2), lead, ozone and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and to assess compliance with national air quality standards (DoE, 1987). Monitoring data are also used to assess the impact of pollution control strategies, to maintain arrangements under EC exchange of information Decisions and to assess trends in air quality.