Air Quality Monitoring Report 2000

Summary: An overview of ambient air quality in Ireland in 2000. Examines the state of ambient air quality by comparing measured concentrations with current and future air quality standards for a suite of air pollutants.

Published: 2001

ISBN: 1-84095-080-3

Pages: 59

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Format: pdf

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Executive Summary

The Air Quality Report 2000 is the fifth in a series begun in 1996. Data on the levels of the main air pollutants monitored in Ireland during 2000 are presented. These results are assessed in relation to air quality standards in force during the monitoring period.

For some pollutants reported on here, analysis is also undertaken in relation to limits and standards which will shortly be in place following full implementation of the Framework Directive on Air Quality 96/62/EC (CEC, 1996) and Daughter Directives 1999/30/EC (CEC, 1999) and 2000/69/EC (CEC, 2000).

The air quality data were principally obtained from Local Authority monitoring programmes, the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) own fixed monitoring networks and from campaigns carried out by the EPA mobile monitoring units. These units were deployed at 6 locations during the calendar year 2000, including at two sites in Dublin and at sites in Cork, Limerick and Waterford. Data from other relevant sources are used where appropriate.

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