Ambient Air Quality In Ireland 2004

Key indicators of ambient air quality

Summary: Ambient air quality trends based on concentration measurements of particulate matter, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, black smoke, lead, ozone, carbon monoxide and benzene.

Published: 2005


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Executive Summary

This report provides an overview of ambient air quality trends in Ireland in 2004 based on monitoring data from 54 stations in operation during the year. The format of the report differs from that of previous reports.

Time series air quality concentrations are presented in a set of indicators, which compare measured concentrations with current and future air quality standards for a suite of air pollutants.

These new standards set down in the Air Quality Standards Regulations 2002 (DELG, 2002) and Ozone Regulations 2004 (DELG, 2004) correspond to limit values laid down in a number of recent EC Directives, which begin to take effect from 2005.

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