2017 Researchers Survey Questions

Questionnaire of the 2017 online survey for Researchers

Summary: Questionnaire of the 2017 online survey for Researchers

Published: 2017


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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Health Service Executive (HSE) have partnered to undertake a Prioritisation Exercise on the future direction of Environment and Health research in Ireland. Through research and engagement with stakeholders the objective is to identify knowledge gaps, research needs, and areas of strategic opportunity for Ireland. This will enable the production of a comprehensive Roadmap capable of informing the future direction of the EPA and HSE’s (and other national funders) research support in this area.

Environment and Health research is defined as research that seeks to advance our understanding of the associations between environmental opportunities and threats and human health and wellbeing. It encompasses three broad environmental dimensions: Natural Environment, Built Environment, and Lifestyle Consumption and Behaviour.

The prioritisation exercise will be undertaken in several stages and the CIRCA Group has been commissioned to assist the EPA and HSE with the process. This survey forms an integral part of the exercise and your cooperation in completing it would be greatly appreciated. Individual views will be kept confidential, and only the overall results and anonymous opinions will be included in CIRCA’s report to the EPA and HSE.

This document is provided for information only. This survey is to be completed online.

If you have not yet been contacted and are interested in completing the survey, please contact EPA-HSEsurveys@circa.ie