A Review of Groundwater Levels in the South-East of Ireland

Summary: Authors: Katie Tedd, Bruce Misstear, Catherine Coxon, Donal Daly, Taly Hunter Williams, Matthew Craig and Anthony Mannix, Trinity College Dublin

Published: 2011

ISBN: 978-1-84095-390-9

Pages: 106


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Analysis of seasonal groundwater levels showed that bedrock aquifers reach their annual maximum and minimum groundwater levels before gravel aquifers, and typically have a longer recession period. The difference is likely to be due to the discrepancy in storage between the fractured bedrock and gravel aquifers, as well as to the thick unsaturated zones overlying the featured gravel aquifers. The aquifer storage property, specific yield, was calculated for a number of the settings using the average annual groundwater level variation. The values supported estimates from previous research on aquifers in the SERBD. The report includes a review of work conducted by the GSI and the Geological Survey of Northern Ireland on the observed short-term groundwater level fluctuations in the SERBD, and elsewhere, due to global seismic events. This work was prompted by the observation of groundwater fluctuations coincident with the 2004 Saint Stephen’s Day Indian Ocean earthquake.

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