Resource Efficiency

Year Title
2011 Towards a Green Economy
UNEP: Pathways to Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication - A Synthesis for Policy Makers
2011 Green Growth Strategy
OECD Strategy on Green Growth: A summary for policy makers - May 2011
2011 Comhar Policy Paper 2011
Making the Case for Resource Efficiency in Ireland and Options for Taking it Forward
2011 Report from Commission to European Parliament
Thematic Strategy on Prevention and Recycling of Waste
2011 Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament
Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe
2011 Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament
A resource-efficient Europe - Flagship initiative under the Europe 2020 Strategy
2012 Delivering our Green Potential
Government Policy Statement on Growth and Employment in the Green Economy
2012 Roadmap for a National Resource Efficiency Plan for Ireland
Presentation by Tadhg Coakley, CTC to to members of National Waste Prevention Committee meeting on 26th November 2012
2012 CIWM Report 2012 - Professional Perspectives on Waste and Resource Management
Providing a snapshot of current waste and resource policies & their implementation in UK & Ireland
2011 Sustainable Business Report 2012
Report setting out a series of data relating to businesses regulated by the Environment Agency