Ground Water Monitoring Programme

Summary: The information on which the national groundwater quality programme was based prior to the establishment of the monitoring network for the Water Framework Directive in 2006.

Published: 2001


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This should be used in conjunction with more recent documents from the establishment of a groundwater monitoring network for the Water Framework Directive in 2006 - read more.

The main objectives of the groundwater quality monitoring programme were to:

  • Establish that groundwater quality reflects the geological characteristics of the aquifers, and check whether it is impaired by anthropogenic influences;
  • Define the state of groundwater quality and to detect changes and trends of quality on a national basis;
  • Comply with National and EU Legislation, especially the Nitrates Directive;
  • Identify any groundwater affected by pollution; 
  • Repeat monitoring for nitrates (NO3) every four years in aquifers where nitrate concentrations greater than 25 mg/l NO3 have been found;
  • Identify vulnerable zonesIdentify user requirements and activities that affect the quantity and quality of groundwater.