Integrated Water Quality Report 2012 - Monaghan & Louth

Summary: This report presents a review of water quality in counties Monaghan and Louth in 2012. These counties lie within three River Basin Districts (RBDs):Neagh-Bann IRBD, North-Western IRBD, Eastern RBD

Published: 2013

ISBN: 978-1-84095-522-4

Pages: 80


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t is a step further along the road of transforming these reports into integrated water quality reportswith greater emphasis placed on the reporting requirements of the Water Framework Directive andthose of the European Communities Environmental Objectives (Surface Waters) Regulations 2009 (S.I. 272 of 2009). This report therefore also aims to present an assessment of progress towardsmeeting the objectives of the WFD as set out in the respective River Basin Management Plans.

Physico-chemical data for several key parameters – Ammonia, Nitrate, ortho-Phosphate andBiochemical Oxygen Demand have been presented in map format whereby the annual mean valuesfor each parameter have been presented as coloured dots on maps, with each dot representing asampling station on a river.

As well as a section on river water quality, there are also sections on lakes, groundwater andtransitional & coastal waters, which incorporate biological assessment as well as the physico-chemicalassessments. Including these sections is recognition of the importance of these water types in thewater cycle and the desire to produce a more integrated WFD-style report. Raw river, lake andgroundwater monitoring data are presented on CD at the end of this report.

The report is based on the biological and physico-chemical sampling and analysis of:

  • 109 river stations on 35 rivers
  • 16 lakes (in County Monaghan)
  • 13 groundwater monitoring points
  • 16 transitional (estuarine) and coastal waters (in County Louth)
  • 4 designated bathing water sites (in County Louth)

Details of the ecological status of Irish waters for the period 2007-2009 as required under the WaterFramework Directive are found on the EPA website1. The review of water quality is an on-going processand preparations are underway for the assessment and reporting of data for the second WFD reportingcycle. This report builds on the information collated to date.