Export and import of radioactive materials

Export and import regulations

Shipment of sealed sources of radiation across national borders is governed by stringent regulations.

Shipping sealed sources within the European Union

Shipments within the EU are governed by Euratom Directive 1493/93

The regulation requires that all transfers of radioactive sources within the EU are controlled and documented.

A licensee who intends to purchase a sealed source from another Member State of the European Union must first complete a standard declaration document, known as the 1493 form. The licensee is then required to submit this form to the EPA Office of Radiological Protection for approval and stamping. Once authorisation has been received from the EPA, the form should then be forwarded to the supplier.

For sealed sources being sent to another Member State of the EU, the licensee must ensure that the Competent Authority in that State has approved and stamped the 1493 form prior to the shipment. A copy of the stamped form must be forwarded to the EPA Office of Radiological Protection.

Shipping sealed sources outside the EU

Licensees who intend to acquire or return a sealed source from/to any state outside the European Union must first apply for an import or export licence (as appropriate) from the EPA Office of Radiological Protection.

More detailed information on the regulatory requirements for importing and exporting radioactive sources is available in the Guidance Note on the Import and Export of Sealed Sources.

Transportation advice

For advice on the safe transport of radioactive sources, please read the section of our website which deals with transporting radioactive material.