The greatest health risk from radiation in Ireland is caused by radon.  It accounts for more than half of the total radiation dose received by the Irish population.  As a known carcinogen, in the same category as tobacco smoke and asbestos it is a cause of lung cancer. Approximately 300 cases of lung cancer in Ireland every year can be linked to radon.  These lung cancer cases are principally associated with exposure to radon in the home, but exposure in the workplace is also a contributor.  In the workplace, the employer must protect the health of workers from this identifiable risk.

Certain areas of the country are more likely to have a high number of homes with excessive levels of radon and these areas are known as High Radon Areas.  They can be found on our radon map of Ireland.  The map was produced from a national survey of approximately 11,000 homes.  In addition to the map, statistics for the number of homes above the national Reference Level are available for each county in Ireland.

Radon is only a problem if it is ignored and some simple, inexpensive and straightforward solutions are available to reduce excessive levels both in the workplace and in the home.

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